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What Are The Differences Between HPHT And CVD?

In the modern day, People are looking for new designs of diamonds. With the trend of growing diamonds, it is important to choose the right one. Choosing from the CVD or HPHT is one of the biggest decisions that most people get confused about. The main reason is the information from these companies as well as other media outlets are contradicting extremely about the Lab diamonds cvd.  

What Are HPHT Diamonds?

The HPHT Diamonds are natural and real diamonds that mainly undergo the High Pressure High Temperature process. These mainly enhance the color and other attributes. Mainly, the treatment turns into a naturally brownish diamond with white or even beautiful diamonds. Originally, these diamonds were brown, and they will be treated in a less expensive compared to naturally found white color. These hpht diamonds are created under a higher pressure of 2300 degrees Celsius. It mimics temperature at the Earth’s core. The process is completely non invasive as well as permanent, which gives a completely beautiful result.

What Are CVD Diamonds?

The Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) is the Colorless synthetic diamond that is mainly preferred in the modern day market. These CVD processed stones will be quite different from natural diamonds, which are produced by the geologic force. Normally, these CVD diamonds are real, but they are grown in the lab. The CVD diamonds are mainly based on gem quality diamonds, which are quite similar to that of their elemental structure. These have the same physical and chemical properties compared to their natural counterparts.

Difference Between CVD And HPHT:

Before choosing the right diamonds, it is quite important to find the difference between CVD vs HPHT diamonds. There is not much difference between these two unless the process for creating them. It is quite difficult to find the visible difference between the HPHT vs CVD diamonds. Normally, both of them have different methods which are capable of producing complete range as well as the quality of the real diamonds. These differ based on the process of treating them chemically, optically as well as physically identical with earth grown diamonds. 

Novita Diamonds Pty Ltd is the leading in bringing you lab grown diamonds. Industry certified lab grown diamonds are perfect for you to easily enrich the beauty to excellence. You can easily choose the diamonds solely focusing on the color as well as the size of the budget. These are suitable options for gaining better clarity based on the SI1 and above. You can also expect the emerald cuts for VS2 and above.

Process Of HPHT VS CVD: 

Normally, the HPHT process is quite expensive as there is more energy as well as equipment required. These diamonds are produced in brownish or yellowish in color. The process of making the hpht vs cvd varies from each other under various circumstances. CVD method is less expensive as they work under moderate temperatures as well as low pressure. These mainly require smaller as well as less expensive equipment.

HPHT treated diamonds are at a higher value in the market. It is available in various colors and accuracy compared to CVD.