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How to Take Care of Your Luxury Fashion Pieces

Buying clothes from your favorite luxury brand is a great achievement for most people. However, you should know that such expensive garments also require you to take good care of them so they can look presentable for a long time. This means you must wash, hang, dry, and store them appropriately. Failure to take care of the clothing will make it look like an ordinary store-bought item, and you don’t want that. These are the tips to help you take proper care of your luxury clothes and get the most out of them.

  1. Wash the delicates by hand

Most people have never hand-washed any clothes in their lives thanks to the existence of washing machines. However, it is essential to learn this simple but important skill. Some delicate pieces of clothes, such as silk scarves and lingerie, must be washed with hands gently and at a low temperature to ensure that they retain their luster for a long time. Alternatively, you can soak them in lukewarm water for some time or even throughout the night and apply some gentle soap. When you do this, rinsing will be easy. It is as if they wash themselves. However, if you think hand washing will be too much of a hassle, it is best if you avoid buying clothes that need to be washed by hand.

  • Use the right type of hangers

Some hangers can damage clothes, especially the wire ones. Consider buying wooden, silk, plastic, or velvet hangers. Choose the material you prefer. Regardless of the hangers, you choose to buy, remember to buy hangers with the same color or the same color palette. This way, your closet will look tidy, and your clothes will maintain their shape and appearance.

  • Store them correctly

Storage is also essential when you want to take care of your luxury clothes. Ensure that you have high-quality storage spaces. Invest in acid-free tissue paper or garment bags for storing precious delicates. Avoid using dry cleaning bags because they usually contain different kinds of artificial gases that can discolor your clothes after some time. Instead, buy breathable fabrics like muslin to protect your clothes from getting dusty. Wrap your expensive lingerie with acid-free tissue instead of the usual colorful tissue.

  • Read the label

Usually, all clothes come with a label explaining how you should care for the garment. Luxury clothes are no exception. Most people ignore them, yet they hold crucial information. They will tell you what to do and what to avoid. For instance, silk and wool shouldn’t be washed in a washing machine. Reading the label and following the instructions will help you avoid damaging your clothes.

  • Buy a good steamer

Owning a steamer is essential, particularly if going to the dry cleaner or ironing clothes stresses you out. Choose a model with different settings so you can adjust when you have different materials. Ironing damages the delicate threads of expensive materials. If the clothing you are steaming has beads, sequins, and embroiders, it would be best to use the lowest setting. A steamer is especially vital when you have traveled so you can straighten your clothes with it before wearing it for whatever attention you are attending.

  • Invest in a stiff brush

Expensive blazers and jackets require you to buy a stiff cleaning brush. The best brush for this purpose is made using horse or goat hair. It is perfect for removing dirt that may have fallen on your precious clothes.

  • Store them correctly

Luxury products are supposed to be stored in airy, dry, and dark places. Avoid storing clothes you do not wear often in stuffy rooms or attics. Dampness and moisture can damage your beautiful designer products. It will help if you have an open closet in a different room. Mobile clothing racks can also suffice. If you have the old-fashioned closet doors, try to keep them open several times during the day. Dry clean silk, cashmere, and woolen garments before storing them in transparent airtight plastic bags or containers. Embroidered clothes blacken or become tarnished with time. Use fabric or plastic covers to prevent them from getting damaged by insects, moisture, or dust. If you have metallic fabrics, cover them with tissue paper or soft butter.

  • Avoid washing denim too many times

Wash denim when it is quite necessary because every time you wash it using a washing machine, it will fade slightly. For new designer jeans, don’t wash them at all for the first few months to give the dye time to set. Turn them inside out and use cool water when washing them in a washing machine. Before you determine it is not time to wash it in a machine, use a damp piece of cloth to clean areas with stains.

  • Let professionals clean embellished or silk party gowns

Most women, if not all, love pretty dresses for wearing when attending luxurious events, dancing, dinner, or parties. Usually, the dresses are embellished or made of silk which is quite hard to clean without ruining them. A reputable laundry services provider can clean delicate silk garments or dresses with beads without damaging them.

  1. Store your bags properly

You do not need a walk-in closet to store your bags properly. Even a regular closet is enough. Just remember to place the handles or straps into the bag and stuff them using soft things such as packaging, clothing, or tissue paper. It is also essential to allow the bags to breathe to ensure that the leather retains a fresh appearance. Refrain from stacking them on top of each other. Let them stand and store them away from sunlight.


Luxury items are well-tailored and have unique designs, making them stand out from store-bought clothes. Owning such clothes is usually an investment for most people. This necessitates taking care of them to ensure they stand the test of time and keep looking as elegant as new. Surprisingly, taking care of them doesn’t require much effort. Follow the above tips, and protect your coveted clothes from damage by pests and the elements.