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Water Quality And Its Effect On Your Hair System

If you’re wearing a hair system, the chances are you will experience your hair getting dry at some point. There are a number of reasons why this can happen from overwashing with too much shampoo to a lack of regular maintenance to exposure to cold, dry winter air to name a few.

However, there is one factor that you may not have even considered and that’s the quality of your water. Your water quality can certainly have an impact on the dryness of your hair and this blog will explain in more detail.

Swimming and chlorine levels

It’s certainly fine to go swimming with a hair replacement system, but there are some preventative measures you should take. For one, we recommend avoiding a poly skin hair system even if it is doable to swim with them. This is because skin base models are more prone to damage and shedding, especially with excess exposure to water. We also recommend wearing a swimming hat if possible to protect your hair.

Why do all this? This is because of the chlorine present in pools. While it helps in cleaning bacteria, in general, the chemical is not good for your hair as it can not only dry, but damage your hair. It is chlorine that also causes oxidation that can make your hair change color or lighten and fade. Additionally, because the hair in a hairpiece is processed and not naturally moisturized or hydrated by the oils produced in your scalp, it is even more likely to be affected by the drying properties within chlorine. The end result is drier hair and potential tangling, frizz and breakage.

For more information on swimming and working out in general with a toupee for men, you can refer to the video below:

Can You Work Out, Exercise With A Hair System?

Get a water filter

With all that said, you not only need to be wary about chlorine in swimming pools, but also within your home. While this often surprises many, most of the water that goes into homes in the United States contain a lot of chlorine, sometimes even more than the amount present in a pool. That means your hair isn’t safe in the shower.

The best way to prevent damage from chlorine is to install a shower filter. There are many available online that are designed to filter out chlorine and its various chemicals. They are also pretty affordable as a whole and there are some that double by also filtering hard water.

Hard water is usually found in mountainous regions and contains minerals like calcium and magnesium which produces a film on your hair. This film makes it difficult for moisture to penetrate and the end result is dry hair that is prone to breakage and/or shedding.


Hopefully, after reading this, you’ll be aware that it’s not enough to just assume the water in your home is safe for your hair. Avoid excess exposure to chlorine whenever swimming and get a shower filter to protect your hair as much as possible.


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