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5 Tips to Prevent Debris Accumulation on Roof

Property care is necessary to live a healthy and quality life. It is one of the top priorities of every homeowner to maintain and inspect the condition of residential roofs for the sustainability of the home’s value. Here are a few effective preventative measures that you should consider to prevent your roof from debris accumulation.

1. Fix Leaks

If the roof is damaged, having leaks, cracks, and holes in its different parts, it will later become the source of dirt and debris accumulation. In this regard, you should immediately consult with a professional roofing contractor to fix all roofing issues. These leaks and holes are the favorable places for the debris to accumulate easily.

You can only fix all these roof damage when you inspect the condition of your roof thoroughly. It is your responsibility to check your roof frequently to check the problems such as missing or damaged shingles, cracks, sagging on roof and damage to the flashing. Making this habit can be a good approach to keep your roof away from debris accumulation.

2. Conduct Regular Cleaning

Before you opt for any other technique, it is necessary to make a good start with the simple yet effective strategy called regular cleaning. If you don’t do the timely cleaning, it will cause the ultimate growth of fungus, mildew, and mold. In the spring and summer, dirt and debris are more likely to accumulate in different areas of your house. 

If you think it is a struggle, you can get reliable service from Commercial Roofing Specialists to keep your roof well-maintained and free of all dirt and debris. They are highly skilled and know how to make the top of your residential property clean and tidy.

3. Remove Ice Dams

During winter, you will frequently see the ice dams, melting snow coming down into the gutters. The formation of an ice dam on the roof is dangerous, leading to a rotting deck, damaged roof gutters, and loose shingles. 

When roof damage occurs because of the ice dams, it will ultimately become the source of accumulation of debris on the roof corners, especially in roof gutters. Hence, removing all the ice dams from the roof surface is important to keep it always in a healthy state.

4. Trim Plants

Falling leaves and flowers are frequently seen in the garden and outdoor landscaping. It is your responsibility to conduct the timely trimming of trees and plants. This approach will help you to protect your roof practically and excellently.

Neglecting the timely trimming of your landscape plants will cause costly damage to your roof. Sometimes overgrown become too dangerous for your roof, and they ruin its structural integrity by falling on it with drastic climate changes.

5. Use Roof-Resistant Coating

The roof is itself a protective shield for your home and your family. But to make it more protective and clean from the accumulation of unnecessary dirt and debris, you should enhance its quality of protectiveness. It can only happen when you apply quality coatings and sealants to add a protective layer that protects your roofing material from damage.