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What is Matown Oil Massage?

Massage using Matown oil is called Matown oil massage.

Matown oil is pure oil extracted from trees, grass, flowers and roots of medicinal plants such as herbs.

How to use Matown oil

When using the Matown oil undiluted solution directly on the skin, use only a small amount of one or two drops.

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When used in large quantities like massage, pure undiluted solution is too poisonous, so use it as massage oil by properly blending it with other general oils.

Features of Matown oil massage

1. Matown therapy – The Matown of Matown oil is absorbed through the nose and has a good effect on each organ of the body.

2. Skin absorption – The good ingredients of Matown oil are absorbed directly into the skin through massage, so the healing effect is higher.

3. Exercise therapy – Through various technique movements such as sweeping and pushing the skin, it has the effect of exercising the skin. This massage action activates blood circulation and clears clogged and blood and cools you down.

Matown oil types

There are countless types of Matown oil, and the healing effects of each type are varied.

1. Lavender Oil

Relief of Matown: Before going to sleep, put a drop or two around your head or on a pillow to get a good night’s sleep.

Apply one or two drops to the affected area such as cuts or burns with a knife, and it will heal quickly.

It is also good for when you are excited or angry, when you have a headache, when you have a headache, and for hair loss and acne.

2. Rosemary Oil

It is good for improving concentration and energy, preventing drowsiness, dandruff, itching scalp, preventing hair loss, stiff shoulders, muscle pain, low blood pressure, etc.

3. Eucalyptus Oil

Chronic rhinitis, nasal congestion, coughs. It is good for early cold, bronchitis, muscle and joint pain, and sprains.

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