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The Importance Of Using Interactive Videos To Improve Your Engagement

Many brands are using video to connect with their customers in an engaging way. However, videos are not enough to talk to customers; we are looking for two-way and instant communication. How can you get it? Using interactive videos to improve engagement.

There are countless ways to make your video content more engaging, thus driving more conversions. Add an email at the beginning of a video or a call to action in the middle. At the end of your video, you can redirect the viewer to a web page or present a subscription form.

The ways to connect with users are endless, but the goal is clear. Improve communication with your users. Therefore, there is a new way, which is very successful among users: interactive video Cinema 8. Interactive videos are used to improve engagement.

What is an interactive video?

You already know that your digital marketing strategy needs a video. You have probably used YouTube to create videos and increase your audience by optimizing your channel. But here is an important question: How do you know if you are getting the engagement you are looking for with your users?

According to Google, consumers have more than ten interactions with a brand before making a purchase. This means that your brand needs video content that connects with the consumer at all times, that focuses on each step of the sales funnel and definitely get a communication with him. The best way to get it? Interactive videos to improve engagement.

These videos represent a change in the industry and are quickly becoming key strategies. These types of videos are similar to “Choose your own ending” books but presented in an audiovisual way. Interactive videos are designed to put the viewer in control of the story they are experiencing.

How does it work?

Interactive video is based on adding interactive experiences in order to attract the audience. An interactive video works by incorporating question and answer functionality into a video that appears to be created on the fly.

When a user watches a video, interactive tools may appear that encourage the audience to participate. It is set up in such a way that you can customize the questions for that specific video by leading each user to a different ending or different actions.

In addition, interactive video allows a brand to customize the call to action based on the information that the viewer is providing in the video.