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The Difference Between an Industrial Air Conditioning Unit and a Regular Air Conditioning

An industrial air conditioning unit greatly varies from regular air conditioning based on different factors and characteristics. They vary in terms of design complexity and performance in order to deliver their intended results.

Generally speaking, industrial air conditioning units are far larger and more complex than regular air conditioning. The former is used to cool larger establishments, while the latter is used for residential, offices, and smaller spaces. Here is an in-depth discussion of their differences.


Industrial air conditioning units are generally larger in size. This is because they are more powerful than regular air-conditioning units. Industrial ones can power entire mansions with ease. To do so, these need more components that can weigh up to 50 tons. This also consumes a lot of electricity.


Air conditioning units need drainage to eliminate moisture accumulated from the inside. This is due to the evaporated air that pulls moisture from the air. Regular air conditioning units only use a small pan and tube, while industrial air conditioning would need a specialized piping system in order to flush away all the moisture effectively.


Their size dictates the location of the units. Regular air conditioning units do not occupy a lot of space and can be stored outside the house. Conversely, the vast space occupied by industrial units requires them to be stored on rooftops. This removes the huge machine from the normal vicinity so that its noise won’t distract other people. Additionally, the extra space would be readily available for any expansion or maintenance that one wishes to perform on industrial units.


Both types of air conditioning units generally work the same way. They serve to cool spaces by emitting cooled air that they generate through condensers. However, industrial air conditioning units are more complex simply because they have to be. They have extra features to ensure their precision in terms of cooling specific parts in a large establishment. Industrial air conditioning units can also be manipulated to control different zones in a specific facility.


Industrial air conditioning units naturally need a more strenuous maintenance process. Industrial units have more parts that need to be tended to so as to ensure that the whole thing remains functional. Any broken part must be replaced except that parts are more scarce compared to regular air conditioning units. Maintenance also varies in terms of the people who can do them. Industrial air conditioning units need repairmen that specialize in such.

The installation process is also more detailed for industrial units than regular units. The former requires a team of technicians, and the installation process may take weeks to accomplish. The industrial air conditioning unit will need numerous tests to ensure that it runs smoothly. It also requires careful planning and preparation to ensure sufficient area to store all of the parts and keep them protected from outdoor elements.

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