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Spruce Up Your Bathrooms with these Amazing tips

Home renovations usually focus on the exterior of the home. Making it more spacious and renewing the furniture. While it’s not completely wrong to work on these areas, your bathrooms demand equal attention to make your home more functional and valuable. Most people leave bathrooms as according to them they are not the first thing that makes an impression. 

However, this is a completely wrong approach because old and dirty bathrooms can not only devalue your home but also fail to grab the attention of potential buyers if you choose to sell your home at some point. Therefore, it’s important to upgrade the bathrooms of your home to spruce up the entire space. Here are a few easy tips to help you upgrade the bathrooms and make them new. 

Paint the Walls

Apply a fresh coat of paint to the walls of the bathroom and make it look clean again. A simple fresh coat of paint that matches the floor can upgrade the look of your bathroom. It will give it a neat and clean look. In addition, it will fill in the cracked walls and chipped paint and upgrade the look of your bathroom. 

You can paint different bathrooms of your home with different vibrant colours that go in theme with the floor tiles. Moreover, you can also use wallpaper on one wall and enhance the look. 

Pay attention to Floor

Cracked or chipped tiles of the bathroom compromise the whole look of the floor. Invest in new modern sturdy tiles to fill in the bathroom floor and upgrade its look to the next level. There are several designs available in the market that can fit your needs and requirements. 

Also, if you happen to have a small bathroom, use horizontal tiles to make it look spacious and less cramped. This can completely change the look for your bathroom and make it look all new. 

Resolve all the Plumbing and Electrical Issues

Imagine you have installed everything new in your bathrooms and then the plumbing issues make all the hard work go in vain when it’s time to use it. Try to look for all the plumbing issues to resolve them timely. For instance, make sure you replace vacuum pump for septic tanks and get it from septic vacuum pump retailer shops. In addition, look for any leaking or clogged pipes that can become a problem later. 

Moreover, fix all the electrical wiring that needs to be replaced. Fix all the lighting fixtures and make them work. These little things will help you to not only upgrade the bathroom but make tgemmore functional.

Double the storage

Increase the storage space of your bathrooms for keeping bathroom supplies. You can bring in plants and scented candles to give a luxurious look. You can add more cabinets and floating shelves to double up the storage space. This will help you utilise the space in a better way without affecting the look of your bathrooms. 

Paint the existing cabinets and change the cabinet knobs to give it a complete new look. Choose a paint the matches the wall colour and floor.