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How to get a UAE Residence Visa?

When it comes to relocating to United Arab Emirates, one of the primary steps is obtaining a UAE residence visa to allow you to work and reside in the country.  As a corporate service provider and documents clearing specialist, this task falls into our hands.

The best option is to manage the visa process by a professional and the help of an immigration service provider like powered by FZM Solutions, especially useful if you lack the necessary expertise or prefer expert guidance.

Our professional advisors will guide you step by step till having your residence visa approved and your Emirates-ID delivered to your doorstep.  In this article will explain you the steps and procedure to obtain UAE residence visa:

Stage 1: Select the visa category and your Eligibility

The UAE offers Three main types of residence visas. Employment, Investor / Partner and Employee.

For employees: Most of applicants opt for the standard work visa, which is valid for two years. To be eligible, applicants must meet certain criteria such as employment offer letter, age (21 to 63 years) and hold the necessary academic degree for certain job Titles.

As employer – sponsor, you must possess a valid company license with labor and immigration file as well and provide a formal job offer. Once the residence permit is obtained, expats can sponsor his family members. The sponsorship of Family is subject to certain conditions such min salary of 5,000 AED or 4,000 AED plus housing allowance.

Stage 2: Gather Supporting Documents:

Various documents are required at different stages of the visa application process, including passport copies, Academic Degree attested and translated to Arabic.

>> Our team can assist with document collection and attestation to ensure the visa process stays on track.

Stage 3: Obtain an Entry Visa

Before a worker can enter the UAE, an entry visa is necessary, The entry permit application involves registration, document upload, Government fee payment, and permit collection, typically the process will take 3 to 5 business days. The entry permit is subject to immigration approval.

After obtaining the entry permit, the worker is allowed to travel to the UAE within 60 days from the issue date of entry permit.

If the applicant is inside the country while applying for the entry permit, then the change of status from cancelled / touristic visa to employment visa is required. There is an extra fee to paid which approx. 1,200 AED.

Stage 4: Arrange a Medical Examination

Visa applicants must undergo a medical examination at a Dubai Health Authority (DHA) or Ministry of Health Authority(MOH) accredited hospital, including X-rays and blood tests for communicable diseases. You can choose the normal of VIP process. The report will be delivered with 30 min for the VIP and 24H for the normal application.

Stage 5: Apply for an Emirates ID

Before applying for a residency permit, the applicant must obtain an Emirates-ID from the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICP). The Emirates-ID application involves biometric appointments. The application can be submitted thru typing centre or online via ICP website.

Stage 6: Apply for Residency approval.

Once all documents and exams completed, your need to submit the reports to immigration via government portal. The Processing time typically takes up to 48 hours and the applicant will receive the Emirates ID within 1 week.

the UAE residency visa will be delivered for two years and subject to renewal involving similar procedures, including medical checks and application filing.

Expert advice: Powered by FZM Solutions takes care of all the documentation needed for UAE entry visas and work permit applications. We handle the entire process with all government administration.

Our Advisors and PROs will guide you and assist your employees with all the necessary documents they need to provide and gathers all the required paperwork upfront, minimizing any unnecessary back-and-forth and optimise the time frame to and get your UAE residency visa delivered with limited time.