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Body Ballancer Lymphatic Drainage Massages

It may sound like a fantasy to massage your way to a better, toned body and a calmer mind, but it is now a reality. Our new FDA-approved lymphatic drainage massage technology, the Body Ballancer, is state-of-the-art.

The Body Ballancer is a versatile, calming yet energizing compression therapy system created by the world’s leading medical press therapy device company.

Lymphatic 45, Volume Reduction 45, and Sports High Intensity 45 are the three options available. The sessions last 45 minutes each.


A lymphatic drainage massage removes waste and poisons from your body through your lymph nodes. 48-72 hours following one of our Cryo Slimming treatments is highly suggested (45 minutes).


Removes excess fluid from the body, eliminating any painful swelling and puffiness. After one of our Cryo Toning treatments, we recommend this (45 minutes).


From the toes to the torso, a high-pressure compression method is used. Recommended for the treatment of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) and for use prior to or after Whole Body Cryo therapy (45 minutes).

  • Massage for lymphatic drainage

The lymphatic system, which consists of a variety of vessels, including our lymph, is an important aspect of our immune system. Our lymphatic system goes beneath our skin, removing toxins, pathogens, and extra water from our bodies. The lymphatic system, on the other hand, lacks a pumping mechanism and relies on muscular movement and breathing to help lymph fluid circulate. As a result, the lymphatic system can get clogged, causing puffiness, bloating, exhaustion, decreased immunity, and infections. A lymphatic drainage massage can assist to clear the lymph and unclog pores while also reducing puffiness.

A lymphatic drainage massage consists of two steps:

  1. Clearing: This stage rids your tissues of lymphatic fluid.
  2. Re absorption is the process of moving lymphatic fluid to lymph nodes.
  • Lymphatic drainage London,

Lymph congestion occurs when retained toxins obstruct the lymphatic system, preventing it from flowing normally. Many vital nutrients or signals may not reach their target on time when pollutants build up and hinder appropriate communication between vessels. As a result, our blood flow as well as the proper functioning of our immune system may be harmed. Lymphatic Drainage London treatment at our expert clinics can assist enhance micro circulation, which has been used to speed up scar healing after surgery. Lymphatic Drainage can assist to reduce the appearance of cellulite and improve the removal of fat from our bodies by improving the elimination of toxins.