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In recent times, podcasts are becoming a digital craze, as more and more individuals (nearly six in ten) listen in to their favorite shows to stay up with the latest news, discover something new, and enhance their business skills. While the vast number of popular podcasts nowadays seem to concentrate on entertainment, there is a rising appetite for further self-improvement and productive output material, including shows that provide plenty of essential advice on the business management of funds.

When browsing the most popular investment podcasts, the first thing you would notice is the vast range of the topics discussed. They vary from the basics of investing in property to more specific themes like short-term rental investments and remote access. The histories and expertise of presenters are just as different, so early buyers will have plenty of opportunities to familiarize themselves with the structure they prefer the best. Know the payment plan of Capital Smart City.

Podcasts are not only an amazingly fascinating tool for acquiring the greatest tips and tricks that will help, but they’re also the simplest method to retain crucial knowledge without any extra stress. You can pause an episode anytime to scribble down a piece of advice or knowledge that you feel will benefit your job. You can also listen to your favorite program nearly anywhere, without having to sit down and concentrate in the same manner you would while reading a book or an article.

All in all, studying some of the finest real estate podcasts may be an amazingly effective means of building your real estate investment firm without thinking like you’ve been doing any of the hard work.

Best Real Estate Podcasts in 2022:

The preceding podcasts aren’t certainly in the order of popularity. They’re all terrific, presented by knowledgeable, professional investors with a lively radio presence. Read more about kingdom valley.


BiggerPockets is the substance juggernaut of the real estate business. It’s all over and thoroughly takes care of everybody. They publish long-running podcasts incessant webinars. Also, their podcast highlights a large number of articles. This avoids mentioning their interpersonal organization for property investors – seemingly their best element.

The podcast highlights a wide variety of visitors from each real estate specialty. Regardless of your exact niche in real estate investment, there are essentially a couple of podcast episodes about it on BiggerPockets, including exciting interviews with professional investors to examine it.


The Rental Rookie podcast, hosted by Emily Du Plessis, a former 8th-grade teacher, educates rookie investors on the rental property, to begin with so they can start enjoying lives to the fullest. How Our Rental Income Replaced My Teacher Salary and Buying and Selling Property with Tenants in Place are two of the most popular episodes.


Paula Pant invests in rental homes, enjoys passive income, values financial freedom, and spends a lot of time traveling internationally. Her main point is straightforward: you can afford anything, but not everything, which indicates you must choose your objectives. In other words, you must become more deliberate in your pursuit of your ideal life.

The Afford Anything podcast consistently provides a fantastic combination of money thinking, investment techniques, and gritty tactics. With weekly episodes, it also produces content more often than the blog.


Joe Fairless and his aptly titled Best Ever Show are difficult to dislike. It is, in fact, the world’s oldest daily property investment podcast. Yes, it has a larger audience than almost every other podcast on this list. Joe, on the other hand, has genuine bragging rights. Joe has a real estate portfolio worth over $900 million. He obtained almost $1 million in private money for his first multifamily transaction. He has direct experience with what he’s talking about.


This real estate investment podcast has been airing for way too long than many entrepreneurs have been in operation. The podcast edition of the radio show, which debuted in 1997, is one of the most popular investment podcasts on iTunes. Market Manipulation: How to Profit Now with Real Estate and the Risks and Opportunities of Rising Real Estate Prices are just a few of the themes covered in these no-hype real estate investment episodes.


Learn the techniques and criteria that all real estate investors should be familiar with to identify the most successful real estate investment possibilities. Every episode contains valuable knowledge that you may put to use right away. Every Monday, the podcast presents the best five investment properties in the United States housing market. Invest more in Blue World City to earn more profit.


This podcast will teach you how to invest in property with little money down. The podcast’s host, Joe McCall, focuses on leveraging wholesale and lease possibilities to earn rapid profits in the short term. A discussion with the guy who operates the country’s largest wholesaling firm, as well as three simple ways of making simple cash offers, are among the hot subjects.

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