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Best Plugins To Start Your WordPress Site In 2022

Best Plugins To Start Your WordPress Site In 2022

WordPress is a very popular open-source software for building and publishing websites, blogs, and online stores. Here we will present to you some of the plugins your site will have to have in order to give the results you want.

WP Force SSL

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a security protocol that every website needs in order to establish a secure connection between server and browser, it helps you to protect your and your client’s data from intruders. WP Force SSL plugin will work seamlessly with all other plugins you use on your website. It includes a content scanner, SSL monitoring, and premium support. There is also a free version of this plugin but it doesn’t include a content scanner or SSL monitoring.

WP 301 Redirects

WP 301 Redirects is a plugin in charge of URL redirects on your site, making sure that even if you change the URL on a page that is already published your website visitors don’t get a 404 error page but be redirected to a page they wanted to see. WP 301 Redirects will scan and verify every link on your page and let Google know if you change some of your URLs so that your visitors can be straight redirected even if they type an old URL for your website. 

WP Reset 

WP Reset is a plugin that will allow you to update or install new plugins and try different themes without worries or fear that you will break some functionality on your website or even worse completely destroy your website. It automatically saves snapshots of your website state before installing or updating anything – so whenever you want you can always return to the previous state of your website. Also, if you make a collection of your favorite plugins and themes you can update or install them with just one click.

WooCommerce site

WooCommerce is an open-source platform for WordPress sites made for selling products and services. If your site is all about sales these plugins will be perfect for you and your customers.

WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping – PRO

WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping – PRO plugin will cover all you need for your website when it comes to shipping options. Offerrs a wide range of functionalities like calculating your shipping rate by location, package weight, and item count, creating your own shipping rates (for guest or logged-in users), handling fees, choose different shipping methods. 

WooCommerce Order Export – PRO

WooCommerce Order Export – PRO is a plugin that will help you to follow all your website data, exporting reports of your sales daily, monthly or yearly – whatever is your preference, you can choose which products you want in the reports by using the filter option (order, product or coupon filter), design how will your report look, decide where you will get your exports (email, FTP or just have it stored in a directory on your website). 

To sum up, for your business to bring you to profit it’s not enough just to make a website, you need to think about your website visitors’ experience and you need to show them that you care. All these plugins have free versions/licenses which can help you to upgrade your website UX and UI.