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Fruits That are Best for Your Children

If you are looking for the perfect blend of fruits for your children, let us provide you an advanced solution, choose the rare ones! Kids love it! However, we will also stick to the basics because the basics are the ones that we all have grown up with after all. We have created a list that is not just good for the kids, but also for adults. Here we go, which one do you choose? Fruits do not get better than these ones, we guarantee you that!

Star Fruit

This one is the first on our last, given the name, because after all it is called starfruit and your kid will make sure that he or she enjoys it to the max due to it’s shape. A star is after all very extremely attractive to kids and they will be more inclined towards eating the fruit because it will be more like a game for them.

Sharon Fruit

Sharon Fruit exhibits a nice colour and is overall good in taste which will be quite attractive to your child who will not say no to having it. This will be a good option to choose from and it will also be great for you.

Custard Apple

This one is soft like custard and tastes yummy as well, the name is also very attractive to your child. Custard Apple is very edible. Once there is a taste that your child will develop for it, it will be a craving that will be on and off.


Bananas do not tend to be heavy on your child and will not cause any digestion problems, it is also very soft to digest for kids. Even toddlers without teeth can have it because it is so soft. There will be no worries regarding how much a kid can eat at a time.

Prickly Pear

Prickly Pear will be a very interesting option as it provides the right nutrients to your child and gives the best kind of nourishment that your child will feel heathy with and you will also be happy to see your child grow.


Apples may sound like the most typical ones but they are in fact the most healthy and will remain so till the end of time! After all they are the fruits of generations. They tend to be full of iron and zinc which does end up giving your child energy and strength.


Mangoes are sweet but never unhealthy therefore they are the perfect fit for your kids and they will love the sweetness the most. You yourself should know the cravings of mangoes! They are amazing after all.

So, which fruits do you like best for your kids? You can give them to your kid in the shape of smoothies, in the shape of chunks and much more. You can also make your kids try with them cream or yogurt. There will always be ways to make it interesting and keep your child hooked! Good luck!