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Blogging – Why Aren’t They Playing in My Sandbox?

We have all heard the commotion about the value of blogging for our business. Blogs are a focal point in a community of prospects, provide a hub for social networking, invite participation and interaction, build relationships, help boost SEO, drive traffic to your blog site (and website ) and help you and highlight your business map as an industry expert.

So you decide that you will get on the bandwagon and start blogging. You put a lot of effort into creating interesting and valuable content, but you don’t understand why nobody visits your blog. Why? The answer is simple. For someone to visit your blog, they first need to know it’s there.

Do you know how big the internet is? I read somewhere that it would take 57,000 years to read the entire internet. Definitely more time than I have. Now imagine your blog in such a huge arena. How can you expect someone to find you? Well, this is where social media marketing comes in.

There are many ways to drive traffic to your blog, but the first and most important step is to visit and comment on other people’s pc kart blogs. If you play in their sandbox first and make relevant and constructive comments, they will eventually come to play in your sandbox.

The “final” part here is the workhorse. Society today does not like this word. The concept of delayed gratification is not universally accepted or held in high regard by most people. We don’t like to wait. We want things now!

o Gone are the days of going to the music store, sifting through the different music selections across all media that were relevant at the time. Why would anyone wait? They can instantly download the music they want from various music sites on the Internet, some even for free.

o Cell phones are no longer just for talking. You can play games, browse the internet, take photos, record videos, etc. and most cell phones have literally become an extension of our body. Teens have become incredibly adept at carrying on a conversation with many people at once, and they have become extremely adept typists because they type faster than I can see letters on my cell phone.
o There are gadgets that can record your favorite TV show anywhere if you forget to set up recording before you leave the house.

o What about those “smart homes” with highly sophisticated automatic systems for lighting, temperature control, multimedia, security, door and window controls and many other functions?
o A new partnership with Digital Storefront was recently announced as a consortium of publishers including Time Inc., Hearst, Condé Nast, Meredith and News Corp. The group is overseen by John Squires, executive vice president of Time Inc., who said: “The lesson we’ve learned from smartphones, especially iPhones, that users want to read digitally.” (1)

It’s amazing what society can do these days with the push of a button or the push of a button. So why does it take so long for social media marketing, including blogging, to see results? First, it doesn’t have to take as long as you might think if done correctly. If you focus your energies on your industry niche, you are both proactive and responsive, and if you are consistent with your efforts, it will take you less time than someone not adopting the tactics mentioned above.

But even if you do everything right, it will take longer to see results than to flip a switch. Why? Because blogging and other social marketing techniques are about relationships and building relationships takes time, no matter how you cut it. Would you agree to marry someone you met for the first time? I doubt it. You would like to get to know them through many interactions, know who they are, what they do, see if you share the same values, decide if you trust them or not, see if you have something in common with them, determine if you meet your needs, match theirs, etc. . The same principle applies to blogging. You must earn your reputation, play in other people’s sandboxes, provide useful and relevant content, and develop relationships to recoup your time investment.